Elliots house

At Elliots me and Elliot played on Elliots wii. We played on pirets and the caribean. I thought it was very fun. After we had some dinner.For dinner we had burgers, hot dogs and chips. After we had a ice cream. The ice cream had smartys on it and choclate in side the cone. I thought it was lovly.

Sea Quest

I have read 6 Beast Quest books the first series and now I am moving on to Sea Quest. They are written by Adam Blade and he has written 4 at the moment. He is busy writing A fifth. I am reading the first one and I have read up to chapter 2. It’s about a boy called Max who has a machine that takes him under water. He meets a girl and I think they are going to have an adventure under the sea. It’s a good book for boys and I think they would enjoy reading Cephlox the Cybersquid

Science Day

Science day was really fun because we got to make some paper planes it was fun because we put paper clips on the planes. We had milk and we put food colouring in it. It was exsiting !

Science Day – Milk

One of our activities was to test what happened to food colouring in milk when a cotton bud with washing up liquid was dipped into it. We watched as the food colouring spread out to the edges of the bowl. We tried this with full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk. Can you guess how this might have made a difference to the results?






At school we have been lerning a song called magnifcat. It gows like this.

My soul glorifies the lord, my spirit rejoices. My God, forever he will be; bless his holy name.

1. He looks upon me his servant; looks on me in my lowlinness. He works marvels for me, Hence forth all ages call me blessed, Call me blessed!

My soul glorifies the lord, my spirit rejoices. My God forever he will be; bless his holy name.

2. He scatters the proud – heated. Cast the mighty from there thrones. His mighty on before me in strencth he raises the lowly,raises the lowly.

3. But empty sends the rich away,from age to age his mircy promist us for ever, promis for ever.

my soul glorifies the loud, my spirit rejoices. My God forever he will be; bless his holy name.


my birthday

On the13th of April it was my birthday. When I woke up in the morning I went in to my mum and dad’s room to open my birthday presents. For my birthday I got a lot summer clothes and I got a book called super worm. On that day my dad took me my sisters Winnie and Steffi and my brother Freddie. We went on a train to Matlock baths. My cousin William and my Auntie Sarah and my Grandma. At Matlock baths we went to the park. At the park there was a pirate ship the pirate ship had lots of sand around it. Next we went to a different park. After we had be to that park we had a walk down the road to go to the fish and chip shop to get some chip. But when we found the chip shop we wanted to go to they had gust closed it. So we went to get the train to belper. When we were waiting for the train we saw a dress up bear me Winnie, Freddie and william went over to the bear and we all gave him a high five. The bear was very funny. When the train arrived me and my cousin and my brother and my sister got a drink from my Auntie. After we where in belper. In belper we got some fish and chips. Then we ate the chips. I thought they were very nice. After that we went back to the train and had a fun jurny home.

Football coaching at Goodison

On Saturday Frankie and I went to Goodison Park for football training. We walked out onto the real pitch through the tunnel. They played the Zcars music. During the morning we had coaching like passing and dribbling with real Everton coach. At lunch it was freezing so I had to put on my thermals. The daddies had a penalty shoot out and my daddy scored and we all cheered. In the afternoon we played matches. At the end we came of the pitch clapping the crowd. We get certificates and a goody bag with a ball and a drink bottle and a team sheet. We went to the shop and we got another football and I bought my grandad a key ring with his name on it. And my mum got an Everton trackie. On the way home we stopped of at a pub for tea. When we got home we had a game of football.

Building a Safari Park

In our latest topic lessons we have planned, designed and built a safari park! We had discussed what different areas a park would need to have, and decided on safari area, shops and cafes, water area, an African village and rides. We even made room for a car park!

Have a look at our work…